Handcrafted Heirlooms

Explore our artisan-crafted fine jewellery, made to be cherished as timeless heirlooms. Enter the enchanting world of luxury pieces meant to last for generations.

Chapter I: Beirut

A heartfelt ode to Beirut: Each piece at Raïki pays homage to someone or something in this city that has painted the canvas of our founder's life. Join us in this tribute to the city that shaped Raïki's story.

Our signature trademark sets us apart

A small round diamond discreetly nestled at the back of all our rings and select earrings. This diamond is more than just a sparkling accent – it's a symbol of safety and versatility.

Inspired by the bustling streets of London, where our founder lives and finds that security can be a concern, we wanted to create jewellery that offers peace of mind. Each of our rings is designed to be reversible, with a simple turn revealing a low-profile look that hides the true beauty within.