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The Sama earrings are a celestial homage to Beirut's enchanting starlit nights, encapsulating the vastness and brilliance of the cosmos. They are more than adornments; they are a tangible link to memories forged under Beirut's sky—moments of laughter, shared dreams, and the city's unique magic. Wearing "Sama" is akin to carrying a piece of Beirut's sky, a reminder of countless magical nights woven into your story.

The Sama earring is set with 2 baguette-cut diamonds totalling 0.20 carat, 1 round-cut diamond totalling 0.10 carat and 1 marquise-cut blue sapphires totalling 0.35 carat.

This piece has a total of 1.28g of 18K gold.

Sold separately. 

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